Some excellent studies on our BASIC level can be used to build bespoke discipleship pathways for nurturing the spiritually young and not-so-young members of your fellowship. And the best part is, these studies are FREE, so check out the curriculum now!

Ways to Use Mosaic

The materials offered on the Mosaic platform can be used for various situations and purposes.

  • Personal Study and enrichment
    Many people are keen to take responsibility for their spiritual development, and rightly so. You can find short courses that offer step-by-step, practical lessons for personal advancement in discipleship.

  • Nurture Group
    Some people learn and grow best in group situations where they can be challenged and inspired by others, and vice-versa. Many churches that run nurture or discipleship groups will find many courses on Mosaic helpful.

Apart from what we’ve suggested above, Mosaic can be easily adapted to support other learning options such as one-to-one or group mentoring, group discussions and Bible studies.

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